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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Stone Arthur

Stone Arthur

This hill sits inconveniently off the main Fairfield Horseshoe, so is easy to miss off the ‘big hike’ around, conversely, if like me, you want a fairly short energetic walk one morning then…

Park somewhere near Grasmere.  It was early on Sunday morning so I managed to park on the side of the road, between the Swan and the Travellers Rest.  By the time I got down at around 11.30 all the roadsides were packed.

The route begins on a small road by the start of The Swan and soon reaches a gate, pointing one way to Stone Arthur and the other to Alcock Tarn.


Up to Stone Arthur

Be prepared for a steep path up.  But the rewards come quick.  With the views stretching from Windermere, through Coniston, Langdale and on to Skidaw.  Another day of putting the jigsaw of hills together.

After reaching the rocky outcrop of Stone Arthur, head NE ish to Great Rigg and then south along the horseshoe arm.  Looking as if you have been up for hours and hiked the whole of the other side already.


This curtailed route follows the footpath down from just before Heron Crag.  It was a little elusive, certainly not clear.  For once I had found a path not trodden by millions of feet.  Though the only person heading down, there were a couple of people going up and I was gratified when they confirmed that I was on the right track, or lack of, according to their GPS.  May be I should get the App.  I wouldn’t recommend this way down on a misty day.  Being able to see was fine but it was so steep at once stage I opted for sitting down and sliding down the grass.  Much quicker and certainly lowered the odds of breaking an ankle.  A reason for putting in rainwear even on a fine day.

Safely down into the valley you will be returned to the gate by a stream.  Last time I was here, on a walk from Rydal by Alcock Tarn,  there were stone towers all over the stream bed.  I wondered at the time how long they would last, none remain.  If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I would have built one and started the trend again.

River Sculptures

River Sculptures

Two hours up, one down and three Wainwrights.  All on a Sunday morning dog walk.

This route, details here.


More about the full Fairfield here,

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