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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Himalaya Training

Himalaya Training

Summer has arrived late this year.  I checked the hits on my website this morning and that alone is testament to wonderful day we had yesterday, and today.  sun and clear blue two days together.  What has happened?  For me it was to be my last hike up a hill before my trip to Bhutan, so had to be a good ‘training day’.  With the gloriously clear air it was as much a training day for my camera as walking.  

Started in the Newlands Valley, south of Braithwaite, NY 234 206, to go over Causey Pike and then to Sail.    Suddenly Autumn had arrived and what, only a few weeks ago was waist high wavy green bracken was now a golden cover to the fells.  I am sure it will probably be a pretty mush brown on a not so good day.

From only a short distance up the hill the views over Derwent showed Blencathera and Skidaw topped in cloud.  Which never actually cleared off all day.  Causey Pike has a very distinct ‘hump’ and if you are into ‘bagging’ anything, then you can go up Rowling End first and then along Sleet How, or like us just straight up the Pike.

Some had managed to get up early and be on the peaks already.  Not often it is possible to pick out loan walkers so easily, and make out Griesdale Pike in the back ground.


Once up on to the ridge beyond Sleet Hause the south Lakes Hills joined the panorama.


When you actually arrive just below Causey, it becomes apparent why it has such a distinctive shape.  It is just a big lump of rock.  Obviously harder then anything surrounding it.  And it has kept its shape just for the likes of us so scramble up….. This is ok for those of you blessed with long legs and arms, but I do find it a little challenging at times.  This was one scramble when Rosie certainly needed a lift!


Note though, how far our posties have to go to deliver your post…  Rain, shine and mountain tops!


The undulating ridge across Scar Crags to Sail gives your legs a bit of a rest


.. and chance to look back where there appeared to be a bit of a commotion. it was just about possible to see the Houndshounds combing the hill below Causey pike, and then see the followers peached above them.HuntFollowers








The sun was and cloud were testing each other as we began the nine bends up to Sail,


But it lifted just in time for this!


So one more peak to bag, well one or two, Crag Hill was a definite.


Not much to scramble up.. but then Grasmoor….  as I wanted to be back in Keswick before shop shutting time to buy some last minute ‘stuff’ for my fast approaching trip to Bhutan, we decided to head back down via Eel Crag.


It was not my favourite descent from the top.  Hard rock covered with loose rock at first.  Very happy I had my walking poles to help me down, and that I could see where I was going.  After the worst was over it was quite deep scree which is much easier to deal with, though I did not run down.

Once Eel Crag negotiated the way down the valley by Coledale Beck would have been nice and easy but this would have meant a bit of road walk so we hiked up High Moss by Outerside and over into Stonycroft Gill, which was a bit soggy, but burnt a few more calories. 

The routecauseypikemap

More pictures from the photo frenzied day here.

Books on Cumbria here, buy your map, OL4, here.



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  1. Thanks for the postie photo of me on top of Causey Pike.Love your website.Best wishes for your trip to Butan. Libby

    • Thank you Libby. Hope your friend enjoyed her training day. I will email you the photo.

      Keep checking for pictures of Bhutan.



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