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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Returning and Reminiscing

Returning and Reminiscing

For around 20 years the flat land of Warwickshire was my home.  At various times the Malverns or Cotswolds the nearest thing I got to a hill.  But all the times the bard’s birthplace was where I shopped, worked and latterly, lived.

Stratford is a small town with a huge ego.  At least that’s how it felt when I lived there.  Tourists were a major irritation.  They stood in front of my bike when I cycled round town.  Asked for the most ridiculous directions – where’s the river? The Church, the School…. I just wanted to do my weekly shopping.  This is a town, I used to think, not a theme park!

But now.  Well when I go back it is as a tourist and may be as such I appreciate it a little more.  So easy to take for granted one of the worlds most acclaimed theatre when it’s ten minutes walk from your back door.

River Avon

River Avon

The river can really be quite picturesque.


And it’s hard to notice the quirky details with your head down cursing the meandering visitors.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan – RSC

Stratford really was not such a bad place to live.  Even with out a hill it’s worth paying a visit.

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