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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Steel Fell Colour

Steel Fell Colour

The weather was on the move, literally.

Clouds, light white, some dark and heavy swept across the sky.



Yet the air was clear so when the sun broke through it washed the hillside with vivid green.


Would we make it to the top of Steel Fell and back before the bubble burst?


Helm Crag flanked the route and from time to time a small figure balanced on the iconic rock.

Footpath lines drew shapes with geometric regularity.


A line between blue and grey clearly divided  the sky


Hills changed into ridge lines as our height reached parity.


Helm Crag stretched back to meet us through Gibson and the valley head below.

Seat Sandle led to Hellvelyn already lost to the mist.


Diminutive next to it’s neighbours, Steel Fell still has an impressive panorama.


Thirlmere draining the slopes


But the rain was starting to gain ground and we watched as curtains slid across the across the valley.


  May be it was time to head back.


There is a track down from son Knot but the beginning was a little elusive and after walking part of the way we decided that returning the same way was preferable to a soaking.


That was not avoided.  We made it back just as the heavens opened and ended up with the drowned rat look.


Down load route here

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