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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Singapore Stopover

Singapore Stopover


Reasons has gone east!

Or should that be I have lost all reason and gone east!  Which ever way I say it I have left the lovely Lakeland hills for a few months and headed east.  Far East… Cambodia at the time of typing, just.

After a couple of days R&R in Singapore to catch my breath after all that packing and preparation, recover from a 14 hour flight and sleep off the jet lag.

Singapore was perfect.  There was no problem.  I was met at the airport by a man with a card with my name on.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

So joyous not having to negotiate busses or trains for a change.  Not that, subsequently that turned out to be a problem.  After three days I felt a complete master of the MRT (subway).  It was just incredibly easy to understand and cheap.  Not one of journeys cost me more than S$2, which is give or take £1.

Singapore MRT

MRT Station

Aside from thundering around on the MRT I managed to do a bit of sightseeing.  The botanic and orchard gardens were worth a walk around, maybe just a little underwhelming.

Botanica Gardens

Botanica gardens

What ‘blew me away’ was the new garden by Bay Front.  Modern architecture combined with nature.

Bay garden

Bay Garden

Giant purple trees surrounded by cultural gardens from the melting pot of races now living in Singapore.  Particularly spectacular at night with light glinting from the giant tree canopies.  Though I am not sure that the  beautiful sunsets were not contributed to by polluted skies.

Bay Gardens

Bay Gardens

Conversely the streets were squeaky clean.  Every where was clean.  The only place litter dared to linger was by the port, and even that was only the odd crisp packet.


Fishing or cleaning?

The only place litter dared to linger was by the port, and even that was a stray packet or two .


Streets so clean you can eat your lunch

Then I left Knightsbridge and spent a day a the zoo.   Controversial though they are Singapore Zoo is ranked among the top few and as I am not a shopping fanatic (and even if I was my luggage allowance is already exceeded) after a quick stroll down Orchard Road I felt the only use, to me, of the Malls was a quick cool down in the arctic chill of the air con.


Back to the Zoo.  Whatever your feelings they do have a good breeding program for certain species and as it is close to China may be a few Chinese may come and be educated into respecting animals, not just spuriously believing  their body parts are good for curing cancer or impotency.


Plus it is so well laid I out I could take pictures and pretend I had hiked through the jungles of Madagascar and lain in wait for a days just to take a picture of a Lemma.


Or a Vietnamese monkey


fruit bat


or Komodo Dragon


Unsurprisingly there is not a lot left of Colonial Singapore.


Just a few streets where the old terraces, churches,


Tower blocks over Emerald Hill

opera houses and government buildings linger under the shadow of gleaming new towers.


New shoes, old houses

Lose yourself amongst them for a while and believe yourself back in time.

Mount Faber

Cable car to Mt Faber

Lonely Planet say there is much more to see and do.  There are even some green spaces, nature reserves and bird parks, but I just did not have time to get there.  May be I will on my way back.


The latest craze in technology – selfie sticks?

I stayed, merely from trawling through Tripadvisor and various deals,


Raffles bar

at The Quincy.  Which was wonderful.  Good location.  Food drip fed all day if required.  12th floor pool and the most helpful staff I think I have ever met.  And now I have arrived in Cambodia I am very glad I had those few days of R&R!

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