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Dog and Wainwrights

Dog and Wainwrights

The hike up Catstye Cam had been so wonderful, and eager to take advantage of the weekend Rosie and I found ourselves inexplicably drawn back to Glenridding.  We could not spend so much time out and so set ourselves the goal of Sheffield Pike.

After a quick glance of the map it was easy to see how Glenridding Dodd and Heron Pike could be added in, so we decided to take the short, sharp, shock , steeply up the side of the Dodd.   Pretty quickly we were afforded good views over Ullswater, there were some good flat places to pause, take photos and model new clothes – note new dog harness handle.  For all those with small dogs this is a wonderful device to help lift vertically challenged dogs over large rocks, large steps and stiles.


Catstye Cam

I digress.  There is a path up between Glenridding Dodd and Heron Pike, to the top of GD, but not wanting to retrace our steps, we followed a smaller trail east a bit, then up.  There was a fair bit of scree, but it was not difficult to negotiate. 

Glenridding Dodd

Top of Glenridding Dodd

From Glenridding Dodd there is a bit of a drop down before the rest of the hike up, via Heron Pike.  All very easy to follow on such a clear day.  I have to say though, that it is the most deceptive of hills.  From the side, which is the view I was used to from various other walks in the area, it just looks like one mound and peak.  In fact it is one of those infuriating hills with several, at least four I am sure, false summits.   It very nearly became the case of ‘are we nearly there yet?’.  


Towards Bleaberry Crag

Near the summit are quite broad flat areas, which were either filled with snow or frozen as hard as any pavement.  Walking poles made little impression but quite a satisfying noise, unusual when walking over bog.  Given the predicted warm front moving in, then perhaps this was a good day to get up there.  It will soon turn  very squelchy once the thaw sets in.


Helvellyn Range

Posts and cairns mark the way and also some old boundary stones, which are mentioned in Wainwrights book. (and Wikipedia).   When we eventually made it to the true summit we just had to stand and stare.  So satisfying to see where we had walked the day before.


Top of Sheffield Pike

After a reward of calorie laden flapjacks we headed down via the old lead mines and Stang End.    This was not a hill I would have liked to climb on a dull miserable day, as the best thing about it was being able to see over the hills and far away, so if we have a thaw, wait until the summer and all is green before you bag these particular couple of Wainwrights.



Rosie’s Harness

The Wainwright Book

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  1. Love little Rosie on top of the world

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