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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Rusland Valley

Rusland Valley

Still wet, still windy and yet another named storm, Imogen,

is approaching.

Thankfully there was a unpublished lull before her arrival

and a dry spell loitered over the north west for a day.

As wind threatened to buffett walkers off the tops,

if not surround in a dismal layer of grey, so we stuck to the lower fringes of Cumbria.

Sandwiched between the hills and the sea,


rivers meander across flood plains and

small drumlin hills host clean, green woodlands.

Muddy paths

Heading a little south from Newby Bridge we soon swung west and over Canny Hill to Backbarrow.

Splashing through muddy paths and tracks before dropping down to the River Leven as it headed seawards.

River Leven

River escape

‘Fit to burst’ an apt description of the river banks.  It lapped up to the footpaths and around the roots of trees.  Having left a trail of debris along the wrong side of the path from a few weeks, or was it days, ago.


Rusland Valley

Clearly within the tidal range we watched that interesting phenomenon as the wind and tide pushed the water up stream rather than down and headed up Rusland Valley alongside Rusland Pool.

Rusland Valley

Rusland Valley

Flood plains flood, and so there was a challenge picking a way over to Ealing Hearth from Fish House Bridge.

Flood Plain

Flood plain

After almost, but not quite, getting wet the only steep bit of the day, over the hills to Town End to meet some Herdies and their brown faced cousins.



Not sure what breed these were.

Brown Face Sheep

Brown face sheep

Before we drifted up towards Finsthwatie and back to Newby Bridge.

The map


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