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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Royal Hike

Royal Hike

The current ‘Prince Fever’  across our green and pleasant land reminded me of a rather unusual  Helvellyn  family hike in July 2009.




Things started as normal with the usual rummaging about in car boots, trying to find things to fit those more used to Antipodean Cairns than the stone variety.

AussieCousins 028

The way up was ‘changeable’, nothing new there!


But beautiful as ever.


But what was that huddle of walkers all wearing red?  Surely not a mass exercise of Mountain Rescue?


There were rather a lot of them.


Still there was a view to enjoy, and family photos to take

Family photo

Until that crowd came up and someone crashed our photos


After which it got just a little crowed and it was time to find some quieter climbs!


July 2009 I think Wills was doing some charity proomotion.  We had heard on local radio he was in Ambleside and we were trying to avoid the crowds – never expected he would be up a mountain.  Heidi wrote to the Queen after meeting Will, and suggested she might marry him.  Didn’t happen.  Just as well really, she’s far too busy studying for university.

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