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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Reasons to go to Saigon

Reasons to go to Saigon









This image is one of the reasons I came to Vietnam.


I grew up with the Vietnam War.  It was constantly on the news.  “Napalm Girl” was taken in 1972 by Huynh Cong Ut.   It  has stayed with me ever since.  Today I got to see the original in the War Remnants Museum.  Along with many other horrific and disturbing images of war.  Images  that made me wonder if we will ever learn.  Will man ever stop destroying itself or the world in the most barbarous ways.


  The captions are sufficient.


Thankfully there are many more reasons to come to Vietnam.


Even more reasons than the food. Though I admit that has been the focus of my mind and camera for rather a lot of this week.


Along with some rather crazy architecture  where the kids ‘hang out’.


Weird and wonderful trees


 Street stalls


Traditional hats – new hair cut


High rise living


Traditional architecture squeezed in with the new.


And fruit on bikes.


Where children now dance


and have fun!

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  1. Some photos was in last and some photos is talking about current Vietnam. Anyway we really thank for your visit in Vietnam. And i do hope to have time to talk about Vietnam when you return.
    Have a good day and hope to see you in Vietnam again.


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