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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Hiking Hindscarth

Hiking Hindscarth

Buttermere Fell drops dramatically down to Honister

and its namesake tarn.

Steep sides of blue grey scree

looking harsh and impenetrable.

A total contrast to  the soft Newlands valley

on the slope side of the escarpment.


Honister Pass

So quite satisfying to have seen the harsh slopes last weekend, on the way up Gable


HIndscarth from Robinson

then return to benign Newlands to pick off my remaining peaks of the Buttermere buttress.


We started from blissfully sheltered Little Town and wound our way up to Maidenmoor.    Each meter gained gave truth to the forecast of ‘considerable buffeting, may impede walking on higher fells’.


I was pleased we were not attempting a ridge walk.  Just a stroll over a lovely broad horseshoe.  With valleys filled with the colours of fall.


and hills splashed with almost monochrome grey.


High Spy cairn

A blue blanket of cloud hung heavy over head


with not a great deal of the surrounding hills to see.


The drumlins around Dale Head Tarn just about able to relieve the flattening light,


and provide shelter for lunch and a bit of macro photography.  Then the final ascent on to Dale Head,


Mining fissure and Hindscarth

With a view of the industrial scars scored into the hillside.


Dale Head

Dale Head was the perfect platform for the wind.  No shelter.  Just hunch into it and walk


Capturing the Newlands Valley

Even taking photos involved sitting down.



Thankfully it was blowing us away from the steep side.

top of Hindscarth

The cloud curtain hung over our heads to the top of Hindscarth, where we sat in the stone shelter for while just for some respite.



True to form, cloud began to blow away as we left by the balcony path.

valley up

Clarity and colour returned to the valley



with a light show finale.

The route, 8 miles ish

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