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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Boston Brick Road

Boston Brick Road

Following the red brick line.

There may not have been any lions or wizards on Boston’s brick road,

but the city has its fair share of historical use of iron, death and destruction .

Two of the 16 points of interest on the famous Freedom trail are grave yards and the rest relate, for the most part,

to war with the British or the slave trade.

There’s a few glitzy buildings

State House Boston

State House Boston

churches, and memorial stones.


You’ll see characters dressed… ‘in character’.


You can pay to be guided


But with an app, a map and a double brick line, you can’t really go wrong.

Though the odd detour is advised.


At the end of the line is a big boat.  The U.S.S. Constitution.  Restored and revamped, but giving a good indication of life as it was on board.  Though I doubt it was all primed, primped and polished when out at sea in a storm.

USS Constitution

USS Constitution – The end of the road

Boston is, even in the rain, packed with art, architecture and good food.

And we ate well at

Aqua Pazza

Wonderful fish and oyster bar








Pomodoro – no website, but plenty of reviews.  I thought it was the best Italian food I’ve had outside Italy!

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