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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Not to be Repeated

Not to be Repeated

I don’t think there can be an  easy way to do ‘The Nab’ from Martindale.  Well not strictly true.  It is fairly straightforward to get to the top, it is the getting off bit that was not easy.


Following the route recommended by Bill Birkett I went up Beda from the Old Martindale Church. Easy enough. I was lulled into a false sense of security for quite some time.


The sky was a bit grey on the tops of the higher hills but I could see my whole way around to the Nab via Ret Dodd.  The sun was soft and golden, highlighting the autumn reds and browns.


A distance baying chorus from rutting deer accompanied me for the whole of the walk.  I probably wouldn’t have realised what it was had I not been listening to ‘Saturday Live’ on the way up and they had played the sound of elk rutting in Yellowstone.  Random thought.


walking along Beda

So, from Beda I strolled along to the coast to coast route – day 4 – quite pleased I wasn’t heading for Shap but pleasing to see Angle Tarn again and satisfied that I didn’t need to run up surrounding Crags


Angle Tarn

At the gate where we hung right for Shap, I took a left for Rest Dodd.


Rest Dodd

All was going well.  But then look down at the Nab.  Memories of crossing the Pennines and peat bog hell arose.  Worse even that the mire between Harter Fell and Green Crag.


The Nab

But my feet stayed dry.

But then there was the problem of getting down.  There is no right of way.  There are tracks and I did ask several people about the best way down.  There isn’t one.  Every route is steep and difficult and you are not supposed to take them.


Rampsgill from The Nab

I ended up coming out of a gate with a ‘private no right of way’.  The bracken on every other hill was brown and dying, where as the stuff I ended up walking through was very much alive, with Triffid strength.

In retrospect, and if I had been more organised in my ticking off this list, I would have parked at Harstop, gone up through Hayeswater, over Rest Dodd, done the Nab and retraced my steps.  But hindsight is a wonderful thing and there was Beda.


Deer – just

Still I had the wonderful experience of hearing the deer all day and the only saving grace of my slog down was seeing several hinds racing ahead of me, far more able to cope with the bracken.  I didn’t have a zoom lens with me, but you may just be able to make them out.

The map – you can decide the route.

and Birkett’s book

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  1. Well done Alvina. A small but tough little blighter. In the duller light you got some cracking photos there. Rampsgill with the morraines ‘shadowed’ looks marvellous.

    • Thanks Ray. The day started off well, but, will those triffids!

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