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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Arnside Shore and Knott

Arnside Shore and Knott

It doesn’t matter how many times I walk around Arnside and the Kent Estuary

I never get bored with it.

There is always something new to offer.

This was my first walk there after being away for eight months,

it was as beautiful as ever.


I don’t suppose it has changed that much.


The sands will have shifted and the clouds threw a slightly different shadow over the bay.

Arnside Knot

From the Knott

But it was a different year and the seasons are not the same each time they come by.


Looking towards Kenmore

Somehow I picked a perfect day for wild flowers.

Spring trees

The purple orchids were just about perfect.

Bluebells had not quite died away.


Garlic was rampant, and even the odd primrose hung about,


not to mention the cowslips.


All set off against the brilliant spring sky, which shows no hint of the cold wind blowing with the high tide,


and the soft green of newly decorated trees.

Mixedflowers and trees

 I even remembered to take my GPS to record the route.  Around 8.2k/5m

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 20.33.25

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  1. I you had me at the tree shots! Love me a knotty trunk 🙂

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