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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Wineries and Whales

Wineries and Whales

Whales and Wineries

The Oregon coast and in a bit.

Mountains sprung to mind when I thought of Oregon.

Cheryl Strayed battled with them on the Pacific Crest trail. Part of my inspiration to come here.

Sun soaked grape vines were not on my immediate agenda.


But suggesting  to my friend from New York I was planning a visit it was high on her’s.

So far from mountains my first couple of days in Oregon were spent in valleys and soft rolling hills draped with monoculture vines.


And of course it had to be sampled.

DepoeBay 001

Valleys filter seaward.  Initially rocky shorelines and impressive cliffs with gray whales basking in the warm waters of Depoe Bay.


There’s not a lot else in Depoe Bay though.   The same tourist tat of any fading beach town.  Just worth it for the whales.

MyrtleMarsh jpb

Down the coast to Florence.

Shifting sands replace craggy shores.  Forests drift down to dunes.


Rivers mingle along a shore line of brackish marsh and quiet lagoons.


Walk quietly and be startled by drinking deer.


Eagles drift lazily over head while tiny snow plovers flurry above frothy waves.  Only the gulls would pose.


Enjoy the solitude of broad sandy beaches punctuated with sculptures of bleached while trees.


Then inland to the hills.

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