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Walking in Cumbria and Beyond

Paris St Germain

Paris St Germain

Staying in the left bank Latin Quarter

another easy morning stroll to St Germain,

where  J P Sartre and Samuel Beckett once lingered.

Now more a place of original retail than philosophical genius.

Where else but Paris would see a shop selling solely éclairs


or meringues



tins of fish



or sardines on a hat

sardine hats


There is still a little of the traditional bric a brac

Paris St Germain

St Germain

filled streets to linger in

Paris St Germain


Out of the colourful cacophony of cafes and food,

Jardin Strasbourg Paris

Jardin Strasbourg

in Strasbourg gardens.  A place of rest and poise.

Jardin Strasbourg


And the Eglise Saint-Sulpice  Song drifted down the aisles.  I’d arrived by chance to hear a sung mass.   What the content was, I know not, but the beauty of the ancient song in ancient language and place compelled me to stay a while.

Eglise St. Sulpice

Eglise St. Sulpice

A metro dash to see the Arc d Triomphe  turn from green to gold and silver

Arc de Triomphe


as the Champs Elysees sparkled with Christmas and opulence.  Which we tried to offset, just a little.

Powering the Champs Elysees

Light by Bike

Being the week of the 2015 World Climate Change Conference, we did our bit to pedal power the lights.

Before the mandatory meal.

Day 3 of 4 in Paris.  Day 1, Day 2, Day 4

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